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Two Program Options

Both Program Options Cover Diabetes and Prediabetes



  • 12 Week Online On-Demand 24/7 Access
  • 1 Year Access To Premium Resources and Community
  • Access to Our Online Private Facebook Support Group
  • Control Your Sugars By Following Our Effective System 
  • Lose Weight (And Still Enjoy The Pleasure of Food)
  • Saves You Valuable Time – This Is The All-In-One Package
  • Have Fun and Feel Great!
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  • For 8 Weeks Work One-To-One with Dr Amanda or Dr Paul
  • A Chance To Really Focus On YOU to Maximise Your Results
  • Access To Our Online Closed & Private Facebook Group
  • Develop Sustainable Healthy Habits 
  • Maximise Your Chances Of ‘Getting It Right’ First Time
  • (+ Includes One Year Access to On-Demand Course)
  • Book a Free Discovery Call and Find Out More
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Amanda and Paul combine their passion as Medical Doctors, Lifestyle Medicine Physicians & Wellness Coaches with specialist interests in Diabetes Prevention and Treatment – to help improve the lives of people living with Prediabetes and Diabetes

Option 1


Led by Dr Amanda and Dr Paul and hosted through the respected Healthie platform.

This is a highly motivating and informative program that allows you to work at your own pace – from the comfort of your own home.

They have distilled their knowledge, experience and insights around diabetes and prediabetes into an ‘everything you need to know’ program that continues to grow with you.


Extra Benefits

  • Chance to better your own health (priceless)
  • Sustainable lifelong lifestyle approach
  • Nutrition, dietary and recipe guidance
  • Downloadable Healthie App
  • Supportive, caring and non-judgemental team
  • Updates, reminders and ongoing motivation
  • This Program Covers Everything You Need
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Option 2


We will listen to you and explore your current situation with you in detail and then guide you through the process of creating a vision for your ideal future.

We focus on helping our clients problem solve and in adopting long term healthy lifestyle choices to create a solid foundation for beating prediabetes and where possible induce remission of diabetes.

You will feel empowered to take responsibility for your own health and create lasting positive change for yourself and most likely your loved ones too.

You may find that our consultations around your prediabetes and diabetes helpful with the management of other pre-existing conditions, such as high blood pressure, stress, anxiety, depression and other chronic conditions.

When booking a discovery call with Dr Amanda or Dr Paul you will be able to explore what One to One Consulations might look like for you.

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Lifestyle medicine is a new branch of medicine that will evolve to become a core feature of healthcare in the future. It is a sustainable and client-centred approach to healthcare that aims to get to the root cause of problems. It is an evidence-based method of achieving and maintaining health, reversing some disease processes and preventing future disease.

Health and wellness coaches help clients make long lasting behaviour changes to improve their health. The coach works alongside the client as their ally by creating a vision for their health and wellbeing; and developing a healthy mindset and new habits. Wellness coaches create accountability for their clients and encourage them throughout their journey, optimising their chances of success and outcomes

Our services are not a substitute for standard GP/ family physician care. We endeavour to communicate with your GP / usual healthcare provider where appropriate and possible to ensure safe care, but we are not a private GP service. We are primarily practising as Lifestyle Medicine physicians / health and wellness coaches in our capacity at Pro Healthology.

Our work is generally conducted by telephone or online by video call with email and text support where preferred. Once the covid-19 situation settles we will look to provide a physical location in the future for our clients who prefer face to face consults.

Successful and consistent behaviour modification takes time to achieve, often needing 3 months minimum to create longer-lasting change. The journey is not always smooth or easy, but we aim to work with you to give you the best chance of achieving your goals. Aiming for perfection creates excellence.

This all depends. Our services page gives an outline of some suggested frequencies - we like to work with our clients for 8-12 weeks to optimise their chances of success, but we can create bespoke packages to meet your individual needs. Please contact us by email or telephone to discuss your individual requirements further.

The name Pro Healthology is unique, just like our clients and our service. The word ‘Pro’ relates to being both ‘Proactive’ and ‘Professional’ in our approach and values. ‘Healthology’ is a word not found in the dictionary and is one we feel encompasses what we do and stand for. We believe that it should be coined as a future term in the study and application of health and wellness, rather than the traditional and more current focus in medicine in treating disease. Hopefully one day the word ‘Healthology’ will become mainstream!

Yes of course, you can choose either Amanda or Paul to work with you in your wellness journey. This may depend on availability, but we will strive to accommodate your preferences.

The coaching relationship is a safe and confidential space for you to discuss your inner thoughts and feelings to help with behaviour change in the future. This is a strictly non-judgemental service focussed on optimising your health to create the best possible outcomes.

Yes – the coaching relationship is based on trust and as doctors we know how invaluable confidentiality is to developing this successful alliance.

Yes, we are very interested in group presentations either face to face or online. If you have something particular in mind, please get in touch by email or telephone and we will endeavour to try and help.