September 8, 2019

Let’s explore the quest for wellness together

There are many problems we see as GPs and medical doctors that make us aware of what we should really be doing (and not doing) as people – to take care of our precious selves.

It may surprise you that wellness is something that is not taught very comprehensively in medical education. Student doctors learn about the definition of health only very early on at medical school, before swiftly moving onto anatomy, physiology and pathology – then disease management – so that as doctors we have the skills to step in when things go wrong with your health.

We have decided to build on the knowledge and experience already gained as disease and illness focussed medical doctors and headed off on a wellness learning tangent in the last few years. We have assessed what we/you should really be doing (and not doing) to keep your health on the correct path as far as possible, and to get more to the essence and root of problems.

Health, wellness and longevity are fascinating areas to be learning about at the moment as they are quickly evolving and we encourage you to get involved!

by Dr Paul Baker


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